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英語廣播第七週 105/3/30        Topic: White Valentine’s Day (白色情人節)       

DJ:實餐二甲 Food Service Experiment 2A  Yan鄧雲晏   Wei劉薇  Instructor: 謝蕙如老師

Y&W: Hello, everyone.

Y: My name is Yan.

W: I am Wei.

Y&W: We are so honored to host the show this afternoon.

Y: Did you celebrate the Valentine’s day on March 14?

W: No, I didn’t. I was disappointed with my boyfriend.

Y: Why? You don’t feel happy with your boyfriend?

W: My boyfriend was busy preparing the test on White Valentine’s day. Therefore, we didn’t celebrate our first White Valentine’s day together.

Y: Don’t be mad. Your boyfriend didn’t do that on purpose. Perhaps he want to celebrate with you.

W: I hope so. How about you, Yan.

Y: Ah~~~ I don’t have girlfriend now. I will try my best to find my princess.

W: You are a good boy and you will find the right girl for you soon.

Y: Thank you for your praise.

W: There is very popular love song in the wedding reception and the song is -“Baby I love you”. Let us enjoy this song.

(Play Music — Baby I love you.)

Y&W: Thanks for your listening. And have a good time. Bye~~





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英語廣播第七週 104/10/14        Topic: The Moon Festival (中秋節)       

DJ: 二餐六  F&B 2F  Roger 邱顯崴   Debby  賴韻茹  Instructor: 謝蕙如老師

R&L: Hello, everyone.

R: My name is Roger.

D: I am Debby.

D&R: We are so honored to host the show this afternoon.

R: What is your favorite festival on September?

D: My favorite festival on September is Moon Festival, and I feel really exciting in that day.

R: Why?

D: Because I can spend the time with my friends and family reunions.

R: Oh, I see. I think everyone like this festival too.

D: Let us talking about Moon Festival to everyone.

R: The Moon Festival is on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. This year, the Moon Festival is on September 27th . It is a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon - an auspicious symbol of abundance, harmony and luck. Adults will usually indulge in fragrant moon cakes of many varieties with a good cup of piping hot Chinese tea, while the little ones run around with their brightly-lit lanterns. 

D: What do you do in the Moon Festival?

R: I am eating moon cakes, pomelos and barbecues with friends or family during the moon festival.

D: Wow~~ I really enjoy barbecue with my family and look at the moon at the yard.

R: On Moon Festival, almost every family in Taiwan have barbecues to celebrate this special day.

R: Do you know why we need to eat moon cakes at the Moon Festival?

D: Let me tell you about it.

In the 14th century, the eating of moon cakes at “Zhong Qiu Jie" was given a new significance. The story goes that when Zhu Yuan Zhang was plotting to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty started by the Mongolians, the rebels hid their messages in the Mid-Autumn moon cakes. Zhong Qiu Jie is hence also a commemoration of the overthrow of the Mongolians by the Han people. Also, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate this event. 

R: The story sounds great.

D: Can you tell me more stories about Moon Festival?

R: Sure.

According to Chinese mythology, the earth once had 10 suns circling over it. One day, all 10 suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved when a strong archer, Hou Yi, succeeded in shooting down 9 of the suns. Hou Yi stole the elixir of life to save the people from his tyrannical rule, but his wife, Chang-Er drank it. Thus started the legend of the lady in the moon to whom young Chinese girls would pray at the Mid-Autumn Festival.  

D: Wow~~ I like this interested story very much.

D: I know a song about moon, and the song is “Talking to the Moon”. Let us enjoy this song

(Play Music —Talking to the Moon)

D: Today I learned lots of knowledge about Moon Festival.  Thank you Roger.

R: You are welcome.

D: Let’s invite our friends to eat moon cakes, pomelos and barbecue together.

R: Sure, let’s go.

R&D: Thanks for your listening. And have a good time. Bye~~


英語廣播第七週 104/10/14        Topic: The Moon Festival (中秋節)       

DJ: 二餐六  F&B 2F  Roger 邱顯崴   Debby  賴韻茹  Instructor: 謝蕙如老師

R&L: 哈囉,各位。

R: 我的名字是Roger

D: 我是Debby

D&R: 今天下午我們很榮幸可以主持這個節目。

R: 在九月份中,什麼是你最喜愛的節日呢?

D: 九月份我最喜愛的節日是中秋節,而且,在那一天我感到非常的興奮。

R: 為什麼呢?

D: 因為我可以花時間和朋友和家人團聚。

R: 噢,我知道了。我想每個人也都很喜愛這個節日。

D: 讓我們向每個人談論著中秋節吧!

R: 農曆八月十五日是中國的傳統節日中秋節。今年的中秋節是在九月二十七日。在這天,每個家庭都團聚在一起,一家人共同賞月。此時,大人們吃著美味的月餅,品嚐著熱騰騰的香茗,而孩子們則在一旁玩燈籠。 

D: 你在中秋節都做什麼呢?

R: 在中秋節時,我吃月餅、袖子和朋友或家人一起烤肉。

D: ~~我真的很享受和我的家人一起烤肉,並且在庭院裡賞月。

R: 在中秋節,台灣幾乎每個家庭都烤肉來慶祝這個特別的節日。

R: 你知道為什麼我們在中秋節要吃月餅呢?

D: 讓我告訴你吧!


R: 這個故事聽起來不錯。

D: 你可否告知我更多中秋節的故事呢?

R: 當然。


D: ~~我很喜歡這個非常有趣的故事。

D: 我知道有首歌關於月亮,歌名是Talking to the Moon”讓我們來聽這首歌吧!

(Play Music —Talking to the Moon)

D: 今天我學到許多關於中秋節的知識,


R: 不客氣。

D: 讓我們邀請我們的朋友一起吃月餅、袖子和烤肉。

R: 當然,咱們走吧!

R&D: 謝謝你的聆聽。祝你有美好的時光。拜


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英語廣播第七週 104/3/25        Topic: Favorite Singer       

DJ: 一餐六  F&B 1F  Roger 邱顯崴   Lucas  江楊策   Instructor: 謝蕙如老師
R&L: Hello, everyone.
L: My name is Lucas.
R: I am Roger.
R&K: We are so honored to host the show this afternoon.
L: Hey! Roger, what are you doing in your leisure time?
R: I always listen to music.
L: Music? What kind of Music do you like?
R:I like to listen “Love song”.
L: Really? Do you like to listen Chinese or English love song?
R: I like to listen Chinese and English love song. Who is your favorite singer?
L: My favorite singer is JJ Lin.
R: Really! I love him so much too.
L: His songs are really good to hear.
R: Also his MV is very touching.
L: JJ Lin is come from Singapore.
R: He came to Taiwan when he graduates from Senior High School.
L: When he was in Senior High School, he has written a lot of song.
R: And he plays the piano very well. When JJ Lin plays accompaniment while singing, lots of female fans love to listen his song.
L: But we are Male.
R: It doesn’t matter. I am his super fans.
L: Oh, no~~ We are his super fans.
R: His famous song is “She says”. Have you hear it before?
L: Yes, I hear this song before. Although this song is too old, melody is very good to hear.
 You know~~ Taiwan holds Golden Melody Awards annual.
R: I love Golden Melody Awards.
L: Why?
R: Because I wish JJ Lin can got a Best Male Mandarin singer.
L: If he got the Best Male Mandarin singer, it is good for him. Let me tell you a good news about JJ Lin.
R: You want to tell me that JJ Lin got a Best Male Mandarin singer in 25th Golden Melody Awards right?
L: Yes~~ I am very happy that his dream come true.
R: I was so happy, too.
L: He is a really kind man.
R: He went to Haiti with 張鈞甯 in November.
L: And he played the guitar and donated some food to those poor kids in Haiti.
R: Oh~~ My god. He is a really kind man.
L: JJ Lin always holds a concert.
R: I want to join his concert, but my mom doesn’t let me go.
L: I am sorry to hear that.
R: It’s Ok. His concert name is “Time Line”.
L: It symbols that he sing a songs for ten years.
R: Right!! Let us enjoy his English songs-“One Shot”.
(Play Music — One Shot.)
R&L: Thanks for your listening. And have a good time. Bye~~
英語廣播第七週 104/3/25        Topic: Favorite Singer       
DJ: 一餐六  F&B 1F  Roger 邱顯崴   Lucas  江楊策 Instructor: 謝蕙如老師
R&L: 哈囉,各位。
L: 我的名字叫Lucas。
R: 我是Roger。
R&L: 我們很榮幸能夠主持今天下午的節目。
L: 嗨!Roger你在空閒時間都做什麼事情呢?
R: 我總是在聽音樂。
L: 音樂?你喜歡什麼類型的音樂呢?
R: 我喜歡聽「情歌」。
L: 真的嗎?你喜歡聽中文情歌還是英文情歌呢?
R: 我喜歡聽中文情歌和英文情歌。你最喜愛的歌手是誰?
L: 我最喜愛的歌手是林俊傑。
R: 真的嗎?我也很喜歡他。
L: 他的歌曲真的很好聽。
R: 而且,他的MV也非常感人。
L: 林俊傑來自於新加坡。
R: 當他高中畢業時,他來到了台灣。
L: 當他在高中時,他寫了許多首的歌曲。
R: 他的吉它彈得非常的好。當林俊傑在自彈自唱時,許多的女粉絲非常喜愛他的歌曲。
L: 但是我們是男性。
R: 沒關係。我是他的超級粉絲。
L: 噢,不~~我們都是他的超級粉絲。
R: 他最有名的歌曲是「她說」。你之前有聽過這首歌嗎?
L: 是的,我之前有聽過這首歌。雖然這首歌很老,但是它的旋律非常的好聽。
R: 我喜愛金曲獎。
L: 為什麼?
R: 因為我希望林俊傑可以獲得最佳國語男歌手獎。
L: 如果他獲得最佳國語男歌手獎,對他來說是件好事。讓我告訴你關於林俊傑的好消息。
R: 你想告訴我—林俊傑獲得第二十五屆最佳國語男歌手獎嗎?
L: 是的~~我非常高興他的夢想成真。
R: 我也非常高興。
L: 他是一位很仁慈的人。
R: 在十一月時,他和張鈞甯去海地。
L: 在海地時,他彈吉它和捐贈一些食物給貧窮的孩子。
R: 噢~~我的天啊。他真的是很仁慈的人。
L: 林俊傑都有舉辦演唱會。
R: 我想要去參加他的演唱會,但是,我的媽媽不讓我去。
L: 我很抱歉聽到這消息。
R: 沒關係。他的演唱會名稱是「Time Line」。
L: 它的象徵是他唱歌已經有十年了。
R: 沒錯!讓我們一起來聆聽他的英文歌曲「One Shot」。
(播放音樂--One Shot.)
R&L: 謝謝你們的聆聽。祝你們有個美好的時光。拜拜~~