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 答案請畫卡。座號請畫在正確的欄位,若造成讀卡失誤,總分扣20分。  50題,每題2分。

一、 文意字彙(近義字)

     1.                        More than two thirds of the employees object to the new company policy. () disagree () hacked () increased () programmed

     2.                        The scientists are trying to find out the connection between the illness and bad eating habits. 

 () relationship () warning () tradition () reception

     3.                        The economy is getting worse.  Many people have lost faith in the government. () route () trust () bouquet () reception

     4.                        One of the ways to reduce air pollution is taking public transportation instead of driving cars.                                                    

() lower () manufacture () reveal () scan

     5.                        One of the biggest drawbacks of this smartphone is that it’s too big. () pedals () producers () disadvantages () mistakes

二、 文意字彙(選擇)

     6.                        The hotel had only one room    , so some of us had to find another place to stay. () precise () available () human () digital

     7.                        Mom stuck a list of groceries on the fridge to     me to buy them. () complete () arrange () remind () toss

     8.                        My grandparents live just a short     away.  We visit them every week. () distance () lane () labor () object

     9.                        No matter how bad things look, I try to keep an     attitude.  In other words, I look on the bright side. 

() occasional () official () optimistic () original

 10.                        Edward’s     to his friends seems foolish because they don’t deserve that at all. 

    () loyalty () handkerchief () recipient () groom

 11.                        During the break, I got myself a cup of coffee from a     coffee shop. () potential () human () nearby () impolite

 12.                        Despite the rapid advances in medicine, the     cause of the disease is still unknown. 

    () autonomous () precise () various () digital

 13.                        There are     ways to save the rainforests.  One of them is to buy products made of recycled materials. 

 () automatic () available () various () polite

 14.                        Two thirds of the children in the poor village are not educated, and the others have to walk a long way to     the school. 

 () expect () remind () attend () toss

 15.                        To reduce     errors, computerized robots are introduced to many factories. () nearby () precise () human () available

 16.                        Many parents worry about the     dangers of letting their children walk to school alone. 

 () automatic () precise () nearby () potential

 17.                        Taipei 101 is a popular tourist     in Taiwan. () pedal () destination () manufacturer () advance

 18.                        The nursing profession is ________ seen as a female job.   () unfortunately () well-dressed () distantly () traditionally

 19.                        It was     that a terrible murder took place in this school last Monday. () hacked () reduced () programmed () revealed

 20.                        The girl     her parents to help her with her money problem again, but they didn’t. 

() tossed () connected () attended () expected

三、 會話

 21.                        Helen: Where’s grandpa?  Peter:      Helen: He’s favorite show is on.  Let me wake him up. () I haven’t seen him for a while. 

 () He’s taking a nap on the sofa. () He left this morning for a poker game. () He likes to watch TV in the afternoon.

 22.                        Fred: Oops!  I left my workbook at home! Jamie:     Ms. Kim reminded us just yesterday about it. Fred: There isn’t much I can do.  It’s too late for me to go back home now. Jamie: Ms. Kim will be very upset. () Salaries have not gone up. 

() You are in trouble, my friend. () He left the bookstore yesterday. () Consider the assignment done.

 23.                        A: How was your cousin’s wedding?  B:     The weather turned bad, one of the bridesmaids was late, and her wedding ring was too small.

 A: Oh, the poor bride must be very upset. () Everything went wrong. () How beautiful she is. () It was considered lucky. 

    () I don’t believe it.

 24.                        Anna: Honey, I think we should get this dishwasher.  Fred: Why?  Anna: With a dishwasher,    .  Fred: There’s no need to buy it.  I will do the dishes starting from today. () we can wash the dishes together () I can just sit back and relax after dinner 

() you can help me with the dishes () we can have dinner together

 25.                        Anne: What’s the plan for the weekend?  Frank: How about we visit my brother’s beach house and have a BBQ there? 

  Anne:      We should invite some friends over.  Frank: Good idea.  Let me call my brother first and ask him about it. 

  () What a day. () You bet. () How dare you! () Sounds perfect.

四、 綜合測驗(克漏字)

  When people think of a smart home system, they might associate it with high-tech systems that will cost you a fortune.  Well, with the (26)  in modern technology, a smart home system is now affordable to every family.

  There are _(27)  advantages to a smart home system.  The most obvious one is that your life will become much easier.  That’s  (28)  the intelligent house will take care of everything and allow you to have more time for yourself.  You can also control your home with your smartphone  (29)  downloading the smart home app.  Your lights, electricity, and the heat can all be  (30)  by you through the app.  This way, you can control your home even when you’re not home.  The biggest advantage the smart home could offer to you is safety.  You can check if your house is in a safe state anytime.  If a thief breaks into your house, the alarm system  (31)  sends you a warning and helps you contact the  (32)  police.

  A smart home system also helps you save energy and money because it automatically switches off appliances  (33)  are not in use.  However, the system also has  (34) .  The biggest one is that hackers might hack  (35)  your smart home system just as they do with computers.

26. () drawbacks () digits () objects () advances

28. () because () because of () so () so that

27. () new () few () various () precise

29. () about () for () by () with

30. () reduced () programmed () revealed () hacked

32. () potential () autonomous () precise () nearby

31.() automatic () automation () automates () automatically

33. () what () that () who () how

34. () downsides () manufacturers () objects () lanes

35. () into () over () by () with


   (36)  weddings may be very different in the United States, at most American weddings, the bride follows certain traditions of dress.  These are   (37)  an old saying that tells women  (38)   they should wear or carry when they marry: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  “Something old” symbolizes the   (39)  with the bride’s family and the past.  “Something new” symbolizes good luck and success   (40)  the bride’s new life.  “Something borrowed” reminds the bride that friends and family will help her when she needs them to.  “Something blue” is a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty.

36. () Although () Because () Whatever () However  37. () eager for () fixed upon () hooked on () based on

38. () when () that () what () why                 39. () recipient () attendance () bouquet () connection

40. () at () in () from () before

五、 閱讀測驗

  Recently, McDonald’s decided to introduce automatic cashiers and mobile pay options to their restaurants in the U.S. Of course, this has raised a concern for the future of its 1.5 million employees across the country.  It is reported that now automatic cashiers can be seen in around five hundred McDonald’s restaurants in Florida, New York and California.  In 2017, more will be installed in the restaurants in Seattle, Boston and San Francisco.

 Many people were quick in pointing out that the above locations were the places that were involved in the fight for $15 minimum wage.  The

news that McDonald’s is expanding its digital ordering system in almost all its restaurants has got many people to think that the fight for more salary will eventually lead to full automation and more robots.

 Experts on economic policy pointed out that people have always known that they don’t need human cashiers to take their orders, so it was really

a risky decision to fight for something that could put you out of job.  They suggested that people should take advantage of education or training programs to learn different skills that can protect them from being replaced by machines.

41.  What does “ concern ” in the first paragraph refer to? () Customers not knowing how to order with the machine. 

   () Some employees losing their jobs. () The cost of the machines being too high () Customers refusing to eat at McDonald’s.

42.  According to the passage, what might be the reason why McDonald’s installed automatic cashiers? 

   () It signed a contract with a high-tech company. () There were too many customers to handle. 

   () Some of its employees were asking for a raise. () Its customers appreciate high-tech machines.

43.  Before 2017, the following places had already had automatic cashiers installed EXCEPT    . 

() Florida () California () New York () San Francisco

44.  Some experts on economic policy think that the fight for minimum wage is    . () risky () worthwhile () brave () illegal

45.  The experts suggest that people learn skills that    . () will contribute to the society () will help them get accepted by McDonald’s     

   () will teach them about life lessons () will make it hard for them to be replaced by robots


The Western wedding tradition of bridesmaids is thought to have originated from Roman Law, which required ten witnesses at a wedding in

order to trick evil spirits by dressing in identical clothes to the bride and groom.  Following the superstition, it was believed the evil spirits would see the identical clothing and get confused about who was getting married.  This belief from the past that ill-wishers could curse the couple followed into the 19th century, though today it’s considered impolite to dress as beautifully as the couple or to wear white to a wedding.  There are many other superstitions that are followed during modern wedding ceremonies.

 The bride will often follow traditions of dress including wearing a long white gown, a symbol of the virginal bride.  The custom of guests lining

up to greet the newlyweds after the ceremony dates back to ancient times when touching the bride and groom was said to bring good luck and fortune because they were blessed.  Traditionally the bride’s family sits on the left side of the church during the ceremony, with the groom’s family on the right side.  It is said that in medieval times this custom began because the men wore swords on their right side and would draw the weapon to protect the bride if needed.

 But perhaps the most expected symbol of a wedding is the wedding kiss, marking the end of the ceremony and the union of the new couple. 

In Roman times, legal contracts were always sealed with a kiss, so the wedding kiss was the final representation of the bride and groom entering a life-long contract with each other.  Some say the kiss is also a time when the couple’s souls mingle together, exchange part of oneself for part of their life partner.

46. What belief is not discussed in the passage? () The wedding kiss marks the seal of a legal contract. () The attendants were once thought to confuse evil spirits. () The brides wear a dress with a veil borrowed from a friend. () Guests greet the bride and groom to touch them for luck.

47.  What’s the main idea of the article? () To explain and give examples of some wedding superstitions. () To explain and disprove some wedding traditions and superstitions. () To act as a guide for couples getting divorced. () To warn couples of the dangers of a wedding.

48.  According to the passage, the symbol of the wedding kiss bonds a couple with    . 

    () good luck () a contract () fortune () wealth

49. Where would you be likely to find the story above? () In a book about wedding dresses. () In a book about wedding customs. 

   () In a business contract. () In a book about ancient Roman Law.

50. What is the meaning of the word “custom” in the second paragraph? () A buyer looking for something special. () A shop that makes

    one-of-a-kind goods. () An accepted way of buying handmade goods. () A widely accepted way of doing things.